Perinatal depression and anxiety ambassador Kylie Brown
It's okay to seek support

Everyone's experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting is different. If you are feeling excessively worried, overwhelmed, sad, isolated, out of control, panicky or like you are in a black hole, you're not alone.

Just Speak Up — talking about these experiences is an important step towards seeking support and feeling better.

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I spoke up
  1. Kylie Brown's story
    Kylie – blogger, QLD
    I can't stress enough how important it is to have a good GP, one you trust and who listens to you.
  2. Em Rusciano's Story
    Em – Writer, comedian, singer, VIC
    Our minds are capable of limitless imagery, speaking up about how crappy you feel helps to contain it to words. Words you can accept, own and ultimately gain control of.
  3. Simon's Story
    Simon, VIC
    If a mate of mine came up to me and said ‘what do I do?’ I’d say ‘Go and talk to someone — speak up’. Chat to someone. Talk to her. Talk to a doctor. Just speak…
  4. Jane's Story
    Jane, VIC
    My advice would be don’t be afraid, come out of your shell and speak up because there is help out there.
  5. Jessica Rowe's Story
    Jessica – TV presenter, journalist, author, NSW
    The most important thing is to get help... And then I could focus on being a mum and getting to know my baby; which is what it’s all about.
  6. Peter Overton’s Story
    Peter – Television journalist, news presenter, NSW
    I have to be there for my wife and my child. For any father, they are the most important people… if you’re not coping, if your wife’s not coping, the most critical thing you can do is speak up. Get help.
  7. Imogen's Story
    Imogen, ACT
    A positive outcome has been that we are a closer family unit.
  8. Briony's Story
    Briony, VIC
    You need to seek help sooner rather than later...and just speak up.
  9. Stacey's Story
    Stacey, VIC
    Just go and see your GP, speak up about how you’re feeling and let someone know what you’re going through. Just talk about it and try and get some help.
Simone WA
There is light, there is hope and there is grace once again. I thank God for the friends and family who have supported me and pray everyone who reads this would have hope in recovery - you are not alone. Read more on Hope for Recovery
Bree-Anna VIC
It is so important to speak up and know that you are stronger when you speak up and seek help. The difference in my life and my children since breaking through and now being in love with my life is beyond words. Read more on You Can Do It Too
Frances VIC
Someone who has not experienced depression will not know why doing the dishes is impossibly hard. I want you to know that there is help out there and it can work. Read more on Frances' story - a story of hope
Emma NSW
I was so scared they would take my baby away so i lied... put on a brave face. Support is out there you need to be brave enough to let someone know. Read more on Don't be afraid and ask for help

You can speak up too!

By talking openly you may give others the confidence they need to talk about it too.
If you choose to share your story, you will be inspiring other women to speak up and seek the support they need.

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Could it be depression or anxiety?

If you are struggling and not sure if what you are feeling is depression or anxiety, have a look at the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety and take the antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety checklist.
You can take this completed checklist to your health professional.

Antenatal and postnatal depression checklist

Learn more about antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety

Antenatal and postnatal depression symptoms

Antenatal and postnatal anxiety symptoms